Will other customers see my data in shared VPS?

No people cannot see your data in shared VPS plan as its shared server with dedicated account without admin rights, so they can’t access your user account.

How many users share a shared VPS?

ViperSEO – Shared VPS plans are shared between 6 – 8 customers per server. We don’t load up more people on a single server as we don’t want to ruin any customers experience. ViperSEO – Dedicated VPS plans are not shared with anyone else, Guaranteed!

Can I upgrade/downgrade my ViperSEO VPS Plan?

Sure you can, just create a support ticket and we will guide you.

How to connect to ViperSEO VPS?

You can connect to your ViperSEO VPS from anywhere and on most devices, including Windows, MAC, Linux, Android Phone/Tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod - Only one connection at any one time.

24/7 Support

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